Pizza Hut Coupons, Coupon Codes

As a great family friendly restaurant and timely delivery service, Pizza Hut is always a good choice. Whether you want pizza, wings, cheesy bread, or even pasta, Pizza Hut is sure to please your palate. Since eating out can be expensive in these difficult economic times, offers a wide variety of coupons and coupon codes that are sure to keep your order cheap and affordable.

Save $$$ With Coupons

With so much to offer on Pizza Hut’s menu, it’s good to know that there are many Pizza Hut coupons available to help make your yummy purchase as affordable as possible. Order today, for example, and get any size pizza with any number of toppings for just $10. Just check out our site regularly for a new coupon regularly. To use the super savings and coupons listed below, just go to the Pizza Hut website and type in your coupon code.

  • Get 2 Large pizzas, a 1.25L bottle of Pepsi and garlic bread for $24.95 with EDM35.
  • Get 3 Large pizzas from $27.95 with XY.
  • Get a free Medium pizza when you spend over $15 with 75.
  • Get 20% off your first online order with IG.
  • Save $5.00 on a $15 online order with IX.
  • Save $3.00 off any three topping pizza with C3.
  • Get a small Sticky Fingers sampler pack for $5.96 when ordering any large pizza with STKT595TE.
  • Get a classic meal for $26.95 with XA.
  • Get 3 large pizzas for $21.95, if you pick up, with EDM24.
  • Get 2 large pizzas, garlic bread and a 1.25l bottle of Pepsi with S0026C.
  • Get 4 wings free when you order 8 with REG42.
  • Get $3 off a $10 / 3 topping pizza with C3.


With over fifty years of experience in creating quality, great-tasting food, Pizza Hut is among the most tried and trusted restaurants in America. Also, with locations now in over 100 countries around the world, Pizza Hut is becoming famous worldwide for its quality service. Whether placing your order via their online delivery service, or ordering in person, there’s sure to be a coupon for you. From deals as great as a free medium pizza with a $15 purchase, to breadsticks and a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi for only $5, using Pizza Hut coupon codes are a must.

From Pasta to P’Zones: Menu Variety

Pizza hut serves a lot more than just pizza. Try using your Pizza Hut coupons on a unique P’Zone, a fresh baked with a perfectly seasoned crust. P’Zones are stuffed with your choice of pepperoni, supreme, and meaty fillings. PH also serves great pasta dishes that you can use your coupons on. You can also try the oven-baked Tuscani Meaty Marinara, an Italian seasoned meat sauce and rotini pasta topped with cheese. Then there is the Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo, a yummy oven baked grilled chicken breast strips and rotini pasta sitting in Alfredo sauce and gooey melted cheese. Use your Pizza Hut coupon codes for all these specials to get a discount.


Pizza Hut is the perfect place to call to receive great catering service that is sure to please the tastes of any guest. Need your Super Bowl party catered? Feed as many as 48 people with Pizza Hut’s great crowd pleaser deal: 6 large pizzas, 12 pasta pans, 1 set of 88 piece wings, and 16 sides. Between wings, pizza, pasta, and your choice of sides, everyone from the pickiest toddler to your great grandma is sure to be satisfied. Use your Pizza Hut coupons to help make catering your party even more cheap and affordable than it already is. With great deals like this, even your wallet will enjoy the super bowl. Just don’t be alarmed when it starts cheering!


Try using your Pizza Hut coupons on some yummy desserts. Indulge yourself in some Hershey’s chocolate Dunkers—freshly baked sweet bread sticks topped with a melted mix of Hershey’s milk and white chocolate and served with chocolate dipping sauce. Another great dessert that you can use your coupons on is Cinnamon Sticks—sweet and warm baked bread topped with a thick layer of cinnamon and sugar and accompanied by gooey icing for dipping. Add either of these desserts to your order to make your meal feel complete, or even just to indulge yourself in a sugary snack at any time of day.


Pizza Hut wings come in greater and tastier variety than ever before. Try using your Pizza Hut coupons to add some flavorful wings to your order. Wings come in a wide selection of flavors. Feeling brave? Try their Buffalo Burnin’ Hot wings, sure to scorch your mouth with fiery flavor. Wings also come in milder Buffalo flavors, such as Buffalo Medium and Buffalo Mild. Try experimenting with something new by using your Pizza Hut coupons to order a side of Spicy Asian, lemon Pepper, or Garlic Parmesan wings. Alternatively, return to the traditional with some Spicy or Honey BBQ wings, or even just a serving of crispy, crunchy Naked Wings.


Now that you know all about Pizza Hut’s varied and tasty menu, make the most of your coupons and head to Pizza Hut today for a relaxing dining experience. Don’t want to go out? Order online and get your great tasting pizza, wings, pasta, or dessert delivered right to your house for less money than you ever thought possible.